COVID-19 Policy

The safety and well being of our guests and staff is the highest priority for us all at The Duke of Wellington Inn. Our managers and staff are ensuring that we take all steps to reduce the risks from COVID-19 and ensure your stay is a safe and pleasant one.

We have completed a Risk Assessment identifying the possible risks from COVID-19 and the procedures and controls needed to reduce the risk. We have acquired equipment and introduced procedures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections. We are confident that this will provide a safe environment for our guests and staff .

The equipment and procedures that we have implemented include –

  • Disinfection fogging equipment has been acquired. The ‘fogger’ machines generate a cloud of disinfectant particles that will  reach inaccessible areas that are difficult or impossible to reach using conventional cleaning methods. The fogging equipment will be used in all areas of the premises including all public spaces and guest bedrooms.
  • Restaurant and guest bedroom linen is laundered at temperatures suitable for optimal disinfection.
  • PPE (personal protection equipment) has been acquired for use by staff where and when required. All staff are trained in the proper use of PPE.
  • Social distancing is to be maintained through the reduction of contact between staff and minimisation of contact between guests and staff when practical. The organisation of booking systems and helpful guidance by staff will optimise social distancing between guests.
  • Cleaning and disinfection is carried out at frequent and regular intervals across all public and private areas of the site.
  • Hand sanitising stations have been set up around the public areas, and specifically on entry and exit to the building.
  • Literature and newspapers will no longer be available on public display. Our staff will respond to any request to source such materials where possible. Our website and social media will serve as the source of information regarding The Duke of Wellington.
  • Signage has been provided to encourage guests and staff to adhere to all government guidelines in terms of social distancing and hygiene.
  • Payment by credit or debit card is preferred to cash. Whenever possible contactless payment is recommended.

Please note that our COVID-19 policies are based on UK government guidelines that are current at the time. If these policies change we will update our guidelines and inform our guest through the website and social media. Please bear in mind that the guidelines may have changed since you made a booking so check the website, social media or phone us to check on any changes.


  • Fogging equipment is to be used daily in the restaurant, bar and other public areas to ensure the areas are fully sanitised.
  • All current social distancing guidelines are fully implemented.
  • All breakfast items are prepared to order, there will be no breakfast buffet going forward
  • Reservations are required for all food service to ensure that safe distancing is maintained between guests seated in the bar, restaurant and terrace areas.
  • Walk-in guests for drinks are only accepted where unreserved seating is available. Any guest who hasn’t pre-booked must leave their contact details with the service staff or service will be refused.
  • All of our menus are be available online, as a single use printed version or as a direct order phone app.
  • Staff are trained in the use of PPE and good hygiene practices.
  • Staff are to wear face masks or visors and follow a strict handwashing and sanitising regime.
  • Orders are taken at tables once guests are seated. Staff shall be extra vigilant for customer requests from tables. Please do not wait at the bar.
  • Staff will serve food and drink to guest tables.
  • The bar is open for the ordering of drinks but not for the ordering food or consumption of food or drinks. Any ordering at the bar will be subject to safe distancing guidelines.


  • Guests are required to phone with an estimated time of arrival prior to check-in. This is to ensure pre-disinfected keys are available and any check-in requirements are satisfied. This will reduce face-to-face contact and queueing.
  • Assistance with luggage will remain available but guests are encouraged to transport their own luggage where they are comfortably able to do so.
  • All used guest bedroom linen is appropriately quarantined before and after use and laundered at optimal temperatures for disinfection.
  • Rooms are fully cleaned and sanitised with enhanced industry standard cleaning materials as well as our fogging equipment.
  • All in-room consumables are removed and freshly supplied on room changeovers or by request.
  • Guests are able to check-out from their room before leaving the premises.
  • Our staff will not enter the cleaned and sanitised rooms of guests after they have checked-in. Guests can request the room to be serviced at any time during their stay.